Who is Stronger Goku or Sativa ?

It is difficult to say definitively Who is Stronger Goku or Sativa ? Both characters are very powerful, and the outcome of the fight could go either way.

The comparison between Goku,the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball anime and manga series,and Sativa,a popular strain of cannabis known for uplifting effects.Before comparison between them we’ll explore the strengths,and unique qualities that define both Goku and Sativa and shedding light on the question “Who is stronger Goku or Sativa ?”

Who is Stronger Goku or Sativa

The Limitless Power of Goku-

Goku is a Saiyan,a race of warriors from the planet Vegata.When Goku”s planet was destroyed he was sent to Earth as a baby. A kind old man Gohan found him and raised him.

Goku a fierce warrior,also a kind and gentle soul.He always searching for new challenges to test his strength.Goku has saved the Earth from many threads,such as Evil Saiyan Vegeta,the powerful Frieza,and the destructive Majin Buu.

Goku is famous for his signature moves like Kamehameha wave and Spirit Bomb.Constant training make him more stronger and master of many other martial art techniques.

Goku always willing to put himself in denger to protect others.he is a symbol of hope and inspiration to many people.

Goku inspire many people with his beloved character,fans all over the world love him.

Who is Stronger Goku or Sativa

Here are some important point ,we must know before the discussion “who is Stronger Goku or Sativa ? “

  • Goku Defeat Frieza,the tyrant who destroyed his home Planet.
  • Goku defeat Cell,a bio-engineered android created to destroy Earth.
  • He also defeat Majin Buu,a Strong demon who warn to destroy the World.
  • Ultra Instinct achievement,That allows him to fight without thinking.
  • And most importantly Goku won the Tournament of Power,a important tournament between the strongest warriors from across the Multiverse.

The Power of Sativa-

Sativa is a Primal Saiyan and a fictional character in the fan-made Dragon Ball series,Ultra Dragon Ball. She is acting as Commanding General of the Seventh division with in the Primal Saiyan Army. Sativa is a Strong muscular wome with long and unkempt hair that spike out in many direction. A large scar on her left eyes which reaches from her forehead to the middle of her cheek.

Sativa is a loyal and dedicated soldier who is not afraid to fight and always willing to put her life on the line for her army.She is also able to enhences her strength and ability and transform into a Super Saiyan.

Sativa is a complex and well-developed character of Primal Saiyan Army and play a major role in the future of Ultra Dragon Ball .

Who is Stronger Goku or Sativa

Here are some important factor ,we must know before the discussion “who is Stronger Goku or Sativa ? “

  • Sativa was born on the Primal Saiyan homeland, which place destroyed by the Seven Dragon Lords and she is only survivor of her race.
  • To protect the innocent people she will join the Primal Saiyan Army.
  • She always believe in justice and equality.
  • She is a fierce warrior and a skilled strategist.
  • She is also a kind and compassionate person.

Who is Stronger Goku or Sativa ?

Goku and Sativa are two powerful characters from different universes. Goku is a Saiyan warrior from the Dragon Ball universe, while Sativa is a Primal Saiyan from the Ultra Dragon Ball universe. Both characters are skilled martial artists and possess powerful ki.


Goku and Sativa are two different entities, but both of them have their own strengths. Goku is astrong and powerful anime character who is well known for his fighting skills on the other hand sativa is a type of cannabis that is well known for its ability to invigorate the mind and creativity.


It is difficult to say who is Stronger Goku or Sativa,as their strengths in different areas. In a physical battle Goku is over power then Sativa,but Sativa could use its mental abilities to defeat Goku.


Ultimately, the winner of a fight between Goku and Sativa depends on circumstances. In case of physical fight  Goku would likely to win but if the fight was more mental, then Sativa would have a better chance to winning . Both types of strength are valuable and that can be used to achieve great things.

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