What is Quordle ? The Word Game That’s Taking the Internet by Storm in 2023 :

What is Quordle ?

Quordle is a word puzzle game based on the concept of the viral Wordle.If any body love Wordly, than they must know they get six chances to guess a five-letter word,but it changes everyday correctly.


What is Quordle ? What is the rules of Quordle :

  • You have nine guesses to guess all four words.
  • There are five letter word in each guess.
  • In the game the letters you guess will affect all four puzzles.
  • Green letters are present in the correct position in the correct word.
  • Yellow letters also the correct word,but the position is w
  • Gray letters are not in any of the word.

If you want to achive the goal of this game ,you must guess all four words in the fewest guesses posible.If you guess all the four words in nine guesses,than you are a Quordle master !

This is challenging and addictive game for word lovers.If any one looking for a new puzzle game Quordle is highly recomended game for them.

Here are some tips for winning at Quordle ?What is Quordle ?


  • You start a game choosing a strong word that must contain a variety of different letters.
    This will help of hitting at least one of the four words in the first guess.
  • Carefully watch the colour of the letters after each guess.This will help you narrow down your options for the next guess.
  • You can guess the same letter in multiple words.This is a good strategy if you are not sure where the letter is located in a particular word.
  • Carefully use your remaining guesses. Focusing on the other word if you stuck in one words. In
    this stretagy you may able to guess one of them and also clue about other words.

What is Quordle ? How to play Quordle ?

The rules of the this game are similar to that of Wordle. In the game you get nine attempts of entering five-letter words.

  •  In this game you find agird of five-letter squares.
  •  You enter a five-letter word into the gird.
  •  The Guesses colour of letter will be
  • You can play this game here

What is Quordle ?

What is Quordle ? Difference between Wordle and Quordle ?

Wordle and Quordle both are inncredibly popular in the recent month and both are word guessing game.But there are some difference between the two games.

What is Wordle ?

  • In this game you have a chance of 6 guesses and you have to correctly guess a 5-letter word.
  • In this game hints are availabe after each guess, indicating whether the letters you guessed are in the word, and whether they are in the correct position.
  • The game is only available one time a day.

What is Quordle ?

  • In this game you have a chance of 9 guesses to correctly guess 4 different 5-letter words.
  • In this game also hints are availabe after each guess, indicating whether the letters you guessed are in the word,and whether they are in the correct position.
  • The game is available multiple times per day.

Quordle also has a few other unique features in place of Wordly :

  • This is played on a 4×4 gird, each row representing a different word.
  • Randomle generated words are availabe, but all of them selected from a pool of 2000 common
    english words.
  • In this game you also find “Hard Mood” option that makes the game more challenging.

Overall, if anybody looking for harder game in place of Wordle ,Quordle is a great option for them.

What is Quordle ? Is Quordle a daily game ?

Yes, It’s a daily game. In the midnight GMT a new  puzzle availabe,You can play each puzzle once a time.There is no option availabe for past puzzles.

In this game there are two practice mode availabe :

  • Practice mode : In this mode you can play Quordle with any words you want.you can also choose the difficulty level of the word.
  • Hard mode: Like regular Quordle game,but it prevents you from guessing the same letter in the same position in multiple words.

What is Quordle ? Who created Quordle game ?

Quordle was created by Freddie Mayers,David Mah and Guilherme Saw.Freddie Meyer, a software engineer from London. Mah is a software from United state,and Saw is a software engineer from Brazil. All of them are passionate about word games. They wanted to create a more challenging word game in place of wordle.

Freddie Meyer created Quordle after becoming inspired by the popularity of Wordle.
He wanted to create a more challenging word game that would test players’ Knowledge of the words.

David Mah is also a software engineer. He helped to develop the game’s algorithm,
and this is responsible for generating the four words that players must guess each day.

Guilherme Saw is a designer. He created the game’s user interface, which is the graphical interface that players interact with.

The game is available to play for free on the Quordle website and app.Quardle was released to the public in April 2022 andquickly become so popular .

In January 2023 ,Quordle was acquired by Merriam-Webster,The dictionary publisher.

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