Meet Abigail #A2462657, a 2-year-old Terrier mix with a heart of gold. She's been patiently waiting for her forever home since May. While she's a bit anxious around new furry friends, with patience, she'll become the sweetest companion.

Meet Bimi #A2422901! He's a gentle American bulldog mix who's been at the shelter since January. At just a year and 7 months old, he arrived as a stray with a skin condition. However, don't be deceived - he's incredibly calm, patient, and affectionate!

Meet Bolo #A2375604, the incredible 2-year-old terrier mix, a resident since July 2022. Bolo is a boundless source of joy and vitality, ever eager for a game of fetch or a playful park romp.

Meet Brody #A2430005, a vivacious boxer mix residing in the shelter since January 2023. "Finding Your Perfect Pet: Abigail and the Rescued Dogs of Miami Await!"

Introducing Colton #A2486924, a delightful 4-year-old black and white Terrier mix. He's been awaiting his forever home since July, exuding a sweet and gentle nature. Colton finds solace in the presence of calm dogs in playgroups

Say hello to Kathia #A2425167! This 3-year-old bull terrier mix is a bundle of energy and playfulness. She adores running around and engaging with both dogs and people. For Kathia, life is all about embracing fun and living to the max! She'd make the perfect companion for all your adventures. Adopt her today!

Meet Lucy #A2428541, a 2-year-old terrier mix with a heart of gold. She arrived at the shelter in January as an injured stray and has been patiently awaiting her forever home. Lucy may initially be a bit reserved, but once she opens up, she becomes a loyal and affectionate companion.

Meet Mila #A2396383, a lively 4-year-old terrier mix eagerly awaiting her forever home since September 2022. She's a playful spirit, always ready for a game of fetch.

Meet Ravioli #A2479942, a kind 6-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, whose heart has been patiently awaiting a home since June. Ravioli is a true gem, joyfully engaging in playgroups. He's a social butterfly, treasuring both canine and human companionship.

Introducing Norman #A2385877, the remarkable 3-year-old terrier mix, a shelter resident since August of last year. Norman embodies the best of both worlds! He's gentle and sociable with fellow dogs, an ideal companion for furry friends.

Meet Rex #A2459254, the lively 3-year-old Terrier mix eager to fill your days with boundless joy! Though initially shy as a stray in April, Rex has blossomed into a playful and charismatic companion.Adopt Rex today and embark on unforgettable adventures together.

Meet Sara Vogel #A2451702, a charming 3-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, patiently seeking her forever home since March. Sara is a social butterfly, thriving in playgroups and enjoying the company of calmer dogs. Adopt Sara today and give her the love she's been yearning for!

Meet Smoke #A2493452, the lovable American Bully mix who stole our hearts as a stray in July. Smoke is a sweet, cuddly boy overflowing with love and affection. He's a social butterfly, thriving in playgroups and quickly befriending other dogs.Adopt Smoke today!