Stray Kids Bang Chan Net Worth :

Stray kids bang chan net worth,Income,Biography and Life Style :

As a member of the “million-Seller” groups Stray Kids,Bang Chan has become one of the well-known fourth-generation idols in the K-pop industry.Fans all over the world want to know more about him including his net worth.Before we check check out stray Kids,net worth and also who is the richest member of the group,let’s see some of their achivement and why they are being considered a self-producing idol group.

They start their journey from “Hellevator”Stray kids in 2017.They are signed under JYP Entertainment Corporation based on South Korea.

 Stray Kids Bang Chan Net Worth

Stray Kids Group Members List :

The group members are Bang Chan,Lee Know,Changbin,Hyunjin,Han,Felix,Seungmin,and I.N .The group is narrowing its gap towards the pinnacle.

Role of Bang Chan in Stray Kids-

Bang Chan is the leader of Stray Kids and played a important role in the Group’s success.Bang Chang has exceptional producing and song writing skill and his involvement in over 100 songs makes him perfect group leaders.

  • Name- Bang Chan
  • Stage Name- Chris Chan Bang,Chris Chan
  • Date of Birth- October 3,1997
  • Age- 26 Years
  • Place of Birth- Seoul
  • Country- South Korea
  • Proffesion- Rapper,Singer,Singwriter,Composer
  • Group- Stray Kids
  • Major Achievement- Over 100 songs registered on KOMCA

Bang Chan Biography :

Bang Chan is the leader,Main vocalist and producer of K-pop boy group Stray Kids.Bang Chang was born in Sydney,Australia and moved to South korea in 2010 with a dream becoming a K-pop idol.He start his training under JYP Entertainment before debuting with Stray Kids in 2018.He is also known for his versatility and talent,and is considered one of the most popular K-pop idols in the world.

 Stray Kids Bang Chan Net Worth

“Stray Kids” Combined Net Worth in 2023-

Combined Stray Kids net worth would exced $30 million. Estimated earn of “Stray Kids” more than $6 million in a year.With their up coming project .Their estimated earning cross over $48 million in a year.

Stray Kids Bang Chan Net Worth-

Stray kids bang chan is the richest stray kids members in 2023.He is the former member of Hip-Hop group 3RACHA.AS he is the Main leader,producer,songwiter,vocalist,rapperand dancer of the group his estimated earning more than $5 million .

Stray Kids Bang Chan Net Worth :$5 million

Estimated net worth of Changbin in Stray Kids-


Changbin was also a important group member of Stray Kids. He was also the Main rapper,sub-vocalist and producer of the group and also known as the power house of the group. His most popular solo song was ‘Cypher’. His estimated net worth coming from different field like solo song,groups and advertisement across $3.5 million.

Estimated net worth of Lee Know in Stray Kids-

Lee Know is the lead dancer of Stray Kids . His Estimated earning Over $3 million from K-pop carer.


Estimated net worth of Felix in Stray Kids

Estimated earning of Felix is between $1 million to $5 million.He is also a lead rapper an dancer. He also uplift his position by song writing,His one of the most popular song is ‘Glow’from 2018.

Estimated net worth of Han in Stray Kids

Han is a Song writer,Singer,Lyricist and composer. Hans estimated earning is more than $1.5 million .

Estimated net worth of Hyunjin in Stray Kids-

Hyunjin also a member of ‘Stray Kids’,especially famous for his dancing skills. His estimated earning is $1.5 million .

Stray Kids Bang Chan Net Worth Over the past 5 Years :

Year                                                                    Estimated Net Worth
2015                                                                          $500,000
2019                                                                          $3.5 million
2020                                                                          $4 million
2021                                                                          $4.5 million
2023                                                                          $5 million

Stray Kids Bang Chan Net Worth and sources-

Music royalties: As a lead member of K-pop boy brand Stray Kids ,He earn most of royalties from several albums and single sonngs that habe been successful all over the world.

Brand endorsements: As Ban Chan is popular all over the world he promotes several brands like Nike,Converse and Sprite.A significant income come from this brand endorsements.

Royalties from Varity of shows: They perform in several shows in South Korea,which could lead to increased income from other sources.

Personal appearances: Ban Chan also has made personal appearances at events in all over the world,whish can generate income for Bang Chan.

Ban Chan Social Media Links :

Bang Chan always active in his social media platforms. Fans can follow him on the following channels:
Instagram : @realstraykids
Twitter : @Stray_Kids

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