Another Self Season 2 Netflix Release Date , Cast , And Everything You Need To Know :

Another Self Season 2 Netflix on 27 July , 2023 :

After commercial success of first series fans are want to know if there will be a second season of Another Self Season 2 Netflix.The Turkish drama first season was released on Netflix in July 2023. Fans all over the world egerly waiting for second season because excellent cast perfonmance of first series.

The expected casting list of forthcoming series as follows-

Another Self Season 2 Netflix we will see Seda Balkan as Leyla,Boncuk Yilmaz as Sengi,Murat Boz asToprak, Fiat Tanisas Zara,Tubu Buykustun as Ade,Supporting roles played by Riza Kocaoglu, Serkan Altunorak, Fusan Demirap Serkan Altunorak etc.Creator have not yet announced a season 2 we onle asumee that some of old character reprise their role.

Here are the Official Trailar of Another Self Season 2 Netflix :-

Another Self Season 1 Overview :

  • Season- Another Self
  • No. of Seasons-8
  • Director-Burce Alptekin
  • Genre-Drama,Romance.
  • Cast-Seda Balkan as Leyla,Boncuk Yilmaz as Sengi,Murat Boz as Toprak,Fiat Tanis
    as Zara,Tubu Buykustun as Ade
  • Production-Cem Chaban
  • Music-Aytac Bayladi
  • Country of origin-Turkey
  • Language-Turkey,English
  • Streaming on-Netflix
Another Self Season 2 Netflix
Image credit-Netflix

What we Expect From Another Self Season 2 Netflix

The creator of the show ,Nuran Evren said she think to the possibility of second season,she also said that she has some idea and story on her mind second season. She also said that she could introduce new character, As the diagnosis of Sevgi’s cancer all the charecter facing so much trauma and their life become upsight down, After first season significant changes are seen in Ada, Sevgi and Leyla’s life. Ada start her new life after separate from her Husband, Leyla start her new buisness with new hope, Sevgi try to face and overcome from trauma, it is possible that second season create taking all this in Mind.

Another Self Season 2 Netflix Release Date :

Another Self Season 2 Netflix is July 27, 2023 Officially Confirmed by Netflix ,Turkey . Second session also contain 6 episodes.

Another Self Season 2 Netflix
Image credit- Netflix

Here are the Some highlight People are hoping in Another Self Season 2 Netflix-

  • The Continued Journey of Leyla ,Sevgi and Ada after healing there past Trauma.
  • Introduction of new Charecter and also new story.
  • The story of Female Empowerment .
  • The Beautiful location of seaside town in Turkey.

Is there a season 2 for Another Self ?

Yes, Netflix officially renewed the series for a second season on May2,2023.The first season was premiered on 28 July,2022,and it’s expected that season 2 will released some time in 2024 .

After the critical and commercial success of season 1 there is no surprise on the announcement of another self season 2 Netflix. The series was so popula for its strong cast,beautiful visuals,and mind blowing storyline. Aonther Self is one of the most popular Turkish shows on Netflix,so it is confirmed that there is demand for season 2. Fans are excited to see what happens in Another self Season 2.There is lots of unanswered question in left in season 1,everyone excited to learn more about the character and their relationships.

What is the ending of Another Self ?

The ending of Another Self is bittersweet. All of the main character of Another Self namely Ada , Sevgi and Laila have maid significant progress in their personal life. Ada finally ready to move with her life  without remembering her past trauma. Sevgi has found love and wanted to live with her her husband Fico, without fear of hercancer returning. Leyla also start her new journey with her husband. The eanding is bittersweet because three friends are forced to say good buy. Ada decided to move to the Netherlands with Topark, Sevgi and Fico decided to live in Istanbul,All three friends promised to stay in touch, but they know they live in different places .

Who is Ada from Another Self ?

Ada is one of the main characters of series Another Self in the Turkish Netflix She actually a surgeon who is struggling to come from her past trauma. Ada also dealing with the recent infidelity of her husband, Selim. She wanted to forgot everything of her past trauma and hoping to find healing and peace.She is a strong and independent woman. She is a good friend and a loyal partner.


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